Definition of leaf spring in US English:

leaf spring


  • A spring made of a number of strips of metal curved slightly upward and clamped together one above the other.

    • ‘The rear leaf springs are 3 inches longer on this model.’
    • ‘Their laths were either of composite construction or made from multiple bamboo slats bound like an automobile leaf spring.’
    • ‘The biggest change made was eliminating the stock independent rear suspension and switching to a solid 12-bolt rear end that is still suspended by stock-type trailing arms and a transverse leaf spring.’
    • ‘In addition, traditional leaf springs have been replaced with coil springs.’
    • ‘With the exception of the heel-catch release and leaf spring, I consider these changes improvements in the basic design.’
    • ‘However, the attachment of a harness, consisting of 30 metal leaf springs, to the back of the mirror could impose forces on the mirror that would bend it back into the required shape.’
    • ‘We are staying a couple of extra nights over the weekend as Belinda found a broken leaf spring on the trailer just as we were about to head out on Saturday morning.’
    • ‘This one has a simple leaf spring installed below the firing pin.’
    • ‘The new model features a durable stainless steel tray at the back, live axle and leaf springs rather than independent rear suspension.’
    • ‘The suspension has cast aluminum upper and lower control arms in the front and back as well as composite leaf springs.’
    • ‘Both front and rear suspensions use a transverse-mounted fiberglass leaf spring.’
    • ‘The rear suspension features a live axle with steel leaf springs.’
    • ‘First the front leaf spring has been dropped in favour of a new coil spring, shock absorber and radius arm setup that anchors the axle to the frame but also adds a second pivot point.’
    • ‘The anchoring mechanism may include a leaf spring that can be actuated between an unlocked position and a locked position.’
    • ‘There were two bars on top on the right and left but nothing underneath except for the leaf springs.’
    • ‘The bone-shaking ride had to be softened, but despite leaf springs, and then later, a band of solid rubber around the rim, more had to be done.’
    • ‘Working in parallel in its rear are leaf springs and air springs.’
    • ‘Inserting the magazine back in the pistol, you squeeze the exposed leaf spring at the front of the grip, which releases the compressed magazine spring and follower.’
    • ‘Handling is improved thanks to a larger front stabilizer bar, stiffer rear leaf spring, revised camber settings and wider alloy wheels.’
    • ‘It was also given a more conventional rear suspension with leaf springs in a typical Hotchkiss design.’


leaf spring

/ˈlēf ˌspriNG/