Definition of leaf mold in English:

leaf mold

(also leafmold)


  • 1Soil consisting chiefly of decayed leaves.

    • ‘Well-rotted manure, leaf mold, peat moss or compost are just a few of the organic materials that can be added to your soil.’
    • ‘Here's how: Amend soil with compost or leaf mold and a bit of horticultural sand.’
    • ‘For a safer, alternative potato amendment, try compost and leaf mold.’
    • ‘Enriching the planting hole with organic material - leaf mold, compost or manure - and mulching with a top dressing of compost will help protect the roots from frost and drying and discourage weeds.’
    • ‘Abelia will take sun or partial shade and should be grown in acid soil enriched with peat moss or leaf mold.’
    • ‘When you grow any hostas in the shade of large trees, fertilize them with a two-inch mulch of compost or leaf mold each year to help the plants compete with the tree roots.’
    • ‘The compacted clay soil of the bank was forked over and a mixture of well rotted manure, garden compost and leaf mould worked in.’
    • ‘Peas are light feeders; if organic matter such as rotted manure, compost, leaf mold or old hay has been worked into the soil they should do very well.’
    • ‘These are not gross feeders, but elegant plants of open woodland, happiest in humus rich soils with an annual mulch of compost or leaf mould.’
    • ‘A soil mixture composed of about 2 parts fertile loam, 1 part leaf mold or peat, and 1 part sand or perlite is recommended for growing African violets.’
    • ‘Plant seedlings in full sun and in soil amended with plenty of compost, leaf mold, or peat moss, plus some low-nitrogen fertilizer.’
    • ‘Bark, rotted manure, leaf mold, peat moss and compost are good choices for organic ingredients.’
    • ‘In clay soils, a mixture of 50 percent peatmoss, or leaf mold from pine or oak leaves, 25 percent sand and 25 percent topsoil could be used.’
    • ‘Enrich the soil with compost and leaf mold, periodically apply organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion, and make sure plants get adequate water.’
    • ‘If you're using soil, a mixture composed of about two parts fertile loam, one part leaf mold or peat, and one part sand or perlite is ideal.’
    • ‘Apply a 2-inch-thick mulch of compost or leaf mold each year to provide nutrients.’
    • ‘Begun in 1982, the beds have been wrested from the fellside, with the removal of thousands of rocks and the incorporation of massive amounts of compost, leaf mould, manure and topsoil.’
    • ‘As forest dwellers these plants enjoy a humus rich soil with lots of leaf mould.’
    • ‘If grown in plenty of humus and leaf mould, rhododendron roots almost peel off the ground.’
    • ‘You should use garden loam with organic matter that contains peat moss, leaf mould, compost, rotted or commercial manure.’
  • 2A fungal disease of plants in which mold develops on the leaves.

    • ‘The interaction between tomato and the leaf mold pathogen Cladosporium fulvum is an excellent model for investigating disease resistance gene evolution.’


leaf mold

/ˈlēf ˌmōld/