Definition of leaf green in English:

leaf green


  • A bright, deep green color.

    • ‘Nathaniel drifted off, his green eyes glimmering and a spark of something unreadable flashed over the leaf-green irises.’
    • ‘In addition to the Clear Glass and Satin White Crackle glazes, the 10 new colors in this series are fog gray, amber, beige, leaf green, celadon, peach, pink, light red and yellow.’
    • ‘She was pale, with leaf green eyes and purple-streaked black hair.’
    • ‘Her thankful hugger was a girl no older than she with warmly tanned skin, forest green hair that fell to her waist, and vibrant leaf green eyes.’
    • ‘Ring your eyes with wet leaf green or rusty colours, create unruly brows and stick shattered sequins onto the cheeks.’
    • ‘There are books on some of the rungs and the tops of the ladders are painted leaf green or copper beech bronze to blend in with the surrounding foliage.’
    • ‘The lowland rainforests of the Indonesian island of Java are perfect places for an arboreal, leaf-green snake to ply its predatory trade.’
    • ‘Her deep red hair was the rich colour of mahogany and her eyes were a warm leaf green.’
    • ‘In the collection for this winter, leaf-green, chestnut, grey and navy are set off with broken stripes in unusual shades.’
    • ‘He merely grinned, still leaning over the railing so she could easily see the laughter sparkling in his leaf-green eyes.’
    • ‘A newly designed drive system on the leaf-green lawn tractor allows for a zero turning radius: It gives its operator the maneuverability to turn on a dime when mowing those miles of suburban lawn on the weekend.’
    • ‘Remember, all-over dusty pink chiffon looks too flat, but teaming it with leaf green lifts it.’
    • ‘He had messy hair (similar to mine but his was an umber color instead of black) and leaf green eyes.’
    • ‘Soon I found myself standing face to face with myself, in the light, leaf green bathroom.’
    • ‘It was the same dark cherry wood table, with leaf green leather chairs.’
    • ‘His strawberry blonde hair was cut short, highlighting his strong jaw and contrasting with his leaf green eyes.’


leaf green

/ˌlēf ˈɡrēn/