Definition of leaf beetle in US English:

leaf beetle


  • A small beetle that feeds chiefly on leaves and typically has bright metallic coloring. Some kinds are serious crop pests.

    Family Chrysomelidae: numerous species

    • ‘Later, in 2002, the bridal creeper leaf beetle was released.’
    • ‘While some basic facts are known about the southern corn leaf beetle's life cycle, there has been little biological research since the early 1900s.’
    • ‘One of the new pests to reach Ohio in recent years is the bean leaf beetle, which has long infested other states, carrying with it bean pod mottle virus.’
    • ‘Cereal leaf beetle larvae may defoliate small grain foliage in the spring.’
    • ‘It's not that the beetle likes water - it's a leaf beetle - but that flooding disturbs the ground which encourages the plant.’