Definition of lead up to in English:

lead up to

phrasal verb

  • 1Immediately precede.

    ‘the weeks leading up to the elections’
    • ‘Long before the supermarkets took hold, the days that led up to Christmas some 50 years ago were very busy times for the shopkeepers in all towns.’
    • ‘Could I now take your Honours to the passages which lead up to that?’
    • ‘We hope to be seeing them on this program often in the months ahead leading up to election.’
    • ‘Scotland, despite a poor series of results leading up to the tournament, possess lofty aspirations.’
    • ‘Officers are keen to speak to anyone who saw him after that date and in the four days leading up to when he was found.’
    • ‘The days leading up to Christmas would be filled with the wrapping of gifts over there.’
    • ‘Mrs Wood also suggested her son had reduced his medication in the weeks leading up to his death.’
    • ‘We won eight games out of ten leading up to and during the New Year, which really made our mark.’
    • ‘In the weeks leading up to 13 August the Nazis attacked a series of black and left wing meetings.’
    • ‘He had little recollection of what occurred after the incident, but a clear recollection of what led up to it.’
    • ‘Weeks of preparation and discussions led up to Friday's ballot.’
    • ‘The story is about the days and weeks leading up to his discovery of the test results.’
    1. 1.1 Result in.
      ‘fashioning a policy appropriate to the situation entails understanding the forces that led up to it’
      • ‘An anaesthetist broke down in tears yesterday as he recalled events which led up to the death of a patient about to undergo a routine operation.’
      • ‘We never asked them to investigate pre-mediated murder, we simply asked them to investigate the work practices which led up to the crime.’
      • ‘Surely it is legitimate to concern ourselves with the background and events that led up to the Holocaust - to try and understand what went so horrifically wrong?’
      • ‘Better still, the paper had an investigative story of real substance, tracing the background to the case and the events that led up to the arrests.’
      • ‘Our sympathy now as then is extended to Chloe's family as they face a further reminder of the tragic event and the circumstances that led up to it.’
      • ‘The events that led up to the investigation have been well documented and scarcely need to be repeated here.’
      • ‘I write as an ex-serviceman, Royal Navy, and I can recall quite clearly the events which led up to the Second Word War.’
      • ‘She had taken enough heroin, diazepam and alcohol to kill her, but question marks hang over the circumstances that led up to the fatal overdose, the hearing was told.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, as someone passes on, the circumstances that led up to the death sometimes get ignored or left by the wayside.’
      • ‘The immediate circumstances leading up to the capture of the eight are unclear.’
      result in, cause, bring on, bring about, call forth, give rise to, be the cause of, make happen, create, produce, occasion, effect, engender, generate, contribute to, be conducive to, add to, be instrumental in, have a hand in, have a part in, help, promote, advance
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