Definition of lead the way in US English:

lead the way


  • 1Go first along a route to show someone the way.

    • ‘A local guide will lead the way, entertaining them with tales of folklore and mystery associated with the area.’
    • ‘Turning back, I let Charles lead the way, laughing along with him and feeling the chilly wind on my damp skin.’
    • ‘They led the way to a heavy door at the far end and ushered me in.’
    • ‘She shrugs without much enthusiasm then leads the way along a narrow hallway.’
    • ‘He would accompany them to the airport in the Embassy van and lead the way through customs.’
    • ‘Lance, still bursting with enthusiasm, led the way along the perimeter fence.’
    • ‘Lauren led the way through the house, while Angela and Jake tagged along behind her.’
    • ‘Businessman John Innes leads the way along a narrow dirt track, overgrown with chest-high grass and twisting vines, illustrating immediately the attraction to tourists keen to see for themselves the scenes of war.’
    • ‘The two men led the way and Heather tagged along behind them, still trying to look everywhere at once.’
    • ‘With Simon leading the way, the group of women made their way along the corridor.’
    guide, conduct, show the way
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    1. 1.1 Be a pioneer in a particular activity.
      • ‘It'd be nice to see Texas leading the way in developing a great train system.’
      • ‘They are leading the way and I only hope other institutions will follow suit.’
      • ‘The international economic institutions should lead the way.’
      • ‘He also said, we'd be leading the way for new development in science for years to come.’
      • ‘There are pockets of hopeful activity, both provincial and federal, with farmers leading the way.’
      • ‘At present Europe leads the way in developing alternative and sustainable energy and in designing energy-efficient technologies from central heating to hi-fi systems.’
      • ‘And as is often the case, where popular culture leads the way, the more conservative institutions in a society follow eventually.’
      • ‘The US is leading the way, both in development of technology and take-up rates of internet commerce.’
      • ‘We want to build a Europe that leads the way in the cancellation of debt in the developing world, that is nuclear free, that protects the environment and that welcomes and trades fairly with other regions.’
      • ‘Four York primary schools are leading the way in developing methods of teaching foreign languages to young children.’
      take the first step, initiate things, break ground, break new ground, blaze a trail, lay the foundation, lay the first stone, set in motion, prepare the way, set the ball rolling, take the initiative, make the first move, make a start
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