Definition of lead poisoning in US English:

lead poisoning


  • Acute or chronic poisoning due to the absorption of lead into the body.

    Also called plumbism
    • ‘Some people's genes are more susceptible to lead poisoning… but lead poisoning isn't healthy for anyone.’
    • ‘In all core cities, the main housing units most likely to be a source of lead poisoning are rental units frequently owned by persons who live out of town.’
    • ‘They add that relying on asking parents about the age of their home to determine which children should be screened for lead poisoning is inadequate.’
    • ‘Acknowledged as an occupational disease, lead poisoning is a disabling illness.’
    • ‘Lead builds up in the tissues, and chronic lead poisoning can cause mental retardation and sterility.’
    • ‘The management of lead poisoning remains challenging.’
    • ‘The United States can ill-afford growing sites of endemic disease, lead poisoning, and mental illness.’
    • ‘Strategies for the primary prevention of lead poisoning have only been implemented within the past 25 years.’
    • ‘Other causes of encephalitis include influenza, listeriosis, brucellosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, whooping cough, rabies and lead poisoning.’
    • ‘Children can get lead poisoning by chewing on pieces of peeling paint or by swallowing house dust or soil that contains tiny chips of the leaded paint from these buildings.’
    • ‘We used the same analytic strategy to examine environmental risk factors for lead poisoning in the subsample of children.’
    • ‘Such a lead content is sufficient to cause chronic lead poisoning if it is applied regularly over the eyelids, especially during childhood.’
    • ‘Many children exposed to the exhaust fumes from such petrol suffered chronic lead poisoning.’
    • ‘Children with lead poisoning are prone to neurotoxicity, although the mechanism is not well understood.’
    • ‘Some experts believe the toxins in our drinking water are the number one health threat causing cancer, heart disease and lead poisoning.’
    • ‘They have poorer oral hygiene, more lead poisoning, more asthma, poorer nutrition, and less-adequate pediatric care.’
    • ‘Anyone can get lead poisoning but some children are at greater risk.’
    • ‘Iron deficiency can also lead to better absorption of lead, which increases the risk of lead poisoning in children, especially those living in older homes.’
    • ‘Less common causes of microcytosis are thalassemia and lead poisoning.’
    • ‘In these days when so many men are using cutting torches, the physician must be on the watch for acute lead poisoning.’


lead poisoning

/ˌlɛd ˈpɔɪzənɪŋ//ˌled ˈpoizəniNG/