Definition of lead glass in US English:

lead glass


  • Glass containing a substantial proportion of lead oxide, making it more refractive.

    Also called lead crystal
    • ‘The brass plate and escutcheon are inlaid, and the interior includes an ebonized penholder, ivory grips, the original baize lining, and two original lead glass ink bottles.’
    • ‘Developments in glass technology in the late seventeenth century, particularly the use of lead glass, offered, for the first time, a medium of unsurpassed clarity.’
    • ‘The chosen pieces show the versatility of the medium in the broad range of techniques used - blowing and sandblasting, hot and cold casting, engraving, pate de verre, stained and lead glass.’
    • ‘But as a general rule, it will help distinguish between soda and lead glass.’
    • ‘The earliest lead glass was frequently unstable and soon after manufacturers developed crizzling: a myriad of short cracks within the glass that gave it a milky effect.’
    • ‘The most famous glass mark is the applied raven's head seal of George Ravenscroft, which was used literally as a seal of approval for his new lead glass line.’
    • ‘In England high-quality lead glass was not available until George Ravenscroft introduced it in the third quarter of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘The lead glass stand was made in England about 1760 with all the craftsmanship such a luxurious object deserved.’
    • ‘This was the result of fashion that swept Europe after the discovery of lead glass.’


lead glass

/ˌled ˈɡlas/