Definition of lead crystal in US English:

lead crystal


  • another term for lead glass
    • ‘The first was Ravencroft's formula for lead crystal, or ‘flint glass’, which was far more robust and lustrous than continental equivalents.’
    • ‘I recommend the Sheer Indulgence hamper, which contains lead crystal champagne flutes, bottles of Bollinger Grande Année Rose 1995 and Grande Année 1995, white winter truffles and foie gras.’
    • ‘Cut decoration has been the defining characteristic of English glassware since shortly after George Ravenscroft perfected the formula for lead crystal in 1676.’
    • ‘‘Modern’ British glassmaking had evolved gradually since George Ravenscroft and his assistant, John Baptista da Costa, had perfected the formula for ‘flint glass’, or lead crystal, in 1676.’
    • ‘Consequently, the handcrafted lead crystal lamps are mounted on stylish polished nickel, which provides a perfect foil for the glass and creates an elegant yet contemporary visual effect.’
    • ‘Meanwhile a revolution in drinking glasses had emanated from the two southern English workshops of George Ravenscroft, who in 1675 had discovered how to make lead crystal.’
    • ‘The center piece was comprised of three lead crystal vases of varying heights.’
    • ‘Crafted from porcelain, lead crystal and other fine or precious materials in England, each egg is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.’
    • ‘Vera's good china came out of storage, along with the lead crystal.’
    • ‘Coming to the chandeliers, they are exquisite ones in lead crystal, lamp, basket, bronze and porcelain frames.’
    • ‘He pulled out the lead crystal paperweight from his pocket with his gloved hand.’
    • ‘Lead is found in lead-based paint, contaminated soil, household dust, drinking water, lead crystal, and lead-glazed pottery.’
    • ‘The glassware is lead crystal and the napkins are linen and large - the same size as those on the Orient Express, Pascal assured me.’
    • ‘Crafted from Tipperary lead crystal and mounted on a bronze metallic base, the lamp was designed to create a clean and controlled source of lighting that would work in the home.’
    • ‘The outlet features the very latest exclusive designs in lead crystal glasses which are manufactured in Rayong, with the vast majority of pieces destined for the export market.’


lead crystal

/ˌled ˈkristl/