Definition of laywoman in English:



  • 1A nonordained female member of a church.

    ‘the prayers were led by two priests and a laywoman’
    • ‘As a Roman Catholic laywoman, my life as a woman, wife, and mother has taken on a new sense of definition.’
    • ‘To the layman or laywoman, it can appear mysterious.’
    • ‘But we separate monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen.’
    • ‘Saints, mystics, spiritual writers, priests, nuns, and quintessential laywomen are well represented.’
    • ‘She, or members of her team, visited thirty-eight of the forty-two U.S. theologates that enroll candidates for the priesthood (many of them also serve laywomen and men preparing for ministry).’
    • ‘Forty-four percent of the principals of these schools were laywomen, 13 percent were laymen, and 40 percent were religious sisters.’
    • ‘She was a tough Aussie laywoman who persevered in faith over the persecution of her hostile bishop.’
    • ‘We laywomen were able to learn about that and challenge it, she said.’
    • ‘But that theory didn't square with the the small print at the foot of her column, which described her as ‘an Anglican laywoman.’’
    • ‘To complement her 1992 study of laywomen heading parishes, she interviewed twenty laymen throughout 1996-97.’
    • ‘Many sisters were also unable to articulate how being a sister-teacher or a sister-nurse differed from being a laywoman in a similar occupation.’
    • ‘We remain equally grateful to laywomen, who may or may not serve as deacons, who continue to play leadership roles in local churches, our colleges and seminaries, and our larger Baptist organizations and boards.’
    • ‘The speaker at that occasion challenged clergywomen and laywomen to develop their own support system; as a result, Southern Baptist Women in Ministry was founded.’
    • ‘For laywomen and laymen everywhere, that they may not be tempted by despair and cynicism, and that they may become a source of strength and help to the church in its reflection of the values of the gospel; let us pray to the Lord.’
    • ‘Millions of laymen and laywomen stand ready to bear witness to the gospel.’
    • ‘He will be featuring reports from a priest and a consecrated laywoman who are in Rome and emailing him.’
    • ‘She distinguishes three categories of religious women: nuns, evangelical women, and Catholic laywomen and women from established churches.’
    • ‘At that time I was introduced to a laywoman who was influential in the Catholic church in that electoral district where my brother ran.’
    • ‘I attended a holy union two years ago that was facilitated by two United Methodist laywomen.’
    • ‘She is a United Methodist laywoman and developmental psychologist who specializes in working with ethnic families.’
  • 2A woman without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject.

    ‘to the layman or laywoman, it can appear mysterious’
    • ‘The latest proposal to undercut the fundamental democratic institution of the jury trial came from an unelected legal laywoman.’
    • ‘I appreciate "better living through chemistry" and have a good laywoman's understanding of relevant scientific issues and skepticism.’
    • ‘As a laywoman, I enjoy the BBC commentators, because they actually tell you what the skills are called!’
    • ‘Speaking entirely as a laywoman on these matters, I really enjoyed this film.’
    • ‘Incremental costs for this type of intervention are judged to be low, and mainly related to cost for the laywoman facilitator.’
    • ‘I am an absolute medical laywoman, but it was always fun to read about how they butchered medical technique or diagnosis this week.’