Definition of layering in US English:



  • 1The action of arranging something in layers.

    • ‘Masculinity is softer this spring, with suiting complemented with soft layering.’
    • ‘The layering of local government is not unique to Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Time to let out a collective sigh of relief: layering is making a comeback.’
    • ‘The gouache surfaces are also interesting for their dense layering.’
    • ‘Since it mimics the layering of skin, the invention itself probably derived from observation.’
    • ‘I spent all day with my head over a new monoprint, and finished it (I think), layering nine colours on in one day.’
    • ‘The chip uses a new silicon layering process with multiple processors in the one chip.’
    • ‘Air bubbles seem to float just before your eyes, the planes of perspective are miraculously separated, and the layering is remarkably deceptive.’
    • ‘This unevenness of the yarn is explored through layering and fraying of raw edges.’
    • ‘The shape has been gently molded into a flattering curve, with hidden layering used to create and remove weight where needed.’
    • ‘Through effective arranging and layering, the final piece of public art becomes a beautiful three-dimensional collaboration.’
    • ‘There is no layering of instruments or vocals on this record at all; it is all very sparse and close to the bone, and there is nothing to hide behind.’
    • ‘It uses stylish layering of varied flattering lengths, featuring cheeky elements of design.’
    • ‘Whereas most Chinese food is Cantonese food, in which a velvety clarity is the ideal, Sichuan food is about the intricate layering of sauces, spices, and textures.’
    • ‘Another risk is the amount of layering, arranging, and producing that went into the songs was beyond our production level and ability.’
    • ‘The layering of the coloured wooden panels and their roughly-torn edges look like the wings of a bird.’
    • ‘There is no lipstick that can withstand that kind of layering.’
    • ‘There is a painstaking layering of paint, and certainly it takes many months for him to complete a work, but the paint is still fresh and loose.’
    • ‘Architecture, religion, ritual and music - the layering of social customs and adaptations of design was integrated into imperial Moghul courts by the 15th Century.’
    1. 1.1Geology The presence or formation of layers in sedimentary or igneous rock.
      • ‘The layering in these ultramafic rocks, and their position above mantle tectonites, is attributed to lower crustal igneous processes.’
      • ‘Studies of layering in individual lava flows suggest that rising volatiles may effect mass transfer of complexed ions during differentiation in magma chambers.’
      • ‘Sedimentary layering is manifested as alignment of grains and carbonaceous material.’
      • ‘The abundance of magmatic layering in this granite affords an unusual glimpse of early emplacement processes.’
      • ‘Thin layering in sedimentary rocks, preferred orientation of crystals or the presence of fractures in subsurface rocks cause anisotropic wave propagation in rock layers.’
  • 2The method or activity of propagating a plant by producing layers.

    • ‘In the case of white cedar, more than 50% of the seedlings originated from vegetative layering.’
    • ‘Large or disturbed plants regenerate clonally by layering of drooping shoots.’
    • ‘In ancient vineyards all work was done by man, which consisted of ploughing, pruning, trimming, desuckering, layering, and harvesting.’
    • ‘Clonal progeny may be produced by stolons, runners, rhizomes, tubers, buds on bulbs, corms and roots, layering of stems, and agamospermous seed.’
    • ‘Perennial varieties may be propagated by tip cuttings, layering or division.’