Definition of lay something on the table in US English:

lay something on the table


  • 1Make something known so that it can be freely and sensibly discussed.

    • ‘He said every trader is prepared to lay their accounts on the table for inspection by the judge which was significant because similar cases were lost before elsewhere simply because only one trader was bringing action.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose there's nothing like laying your trivia on the table at the outset so that anyone who's not up for some girlie chat can go put some shelves up in the kitchen.’
    • ‘‘It is time to start laying the facts on the table,’ he said.’
    • ‘The process has to reveal the total capability provided by every program and lay the facts on the table for all to see.’
    • ‘In other words, the opposition has laid our bona fides on the table and we have done that right here in the chamber during the committee debate.’
    • ‘Death of a Superhero lays its credentials on the table as a novel of self-affirmation and self-belief.’
    • ‘You just lay it on the table… what you like and what you want more of.’
    • ‘Thus, they called this hearing to lay the issue on the table for discussion.’
    • ‘If so-called public interest groups or non-profit corporations are accepting corporate money, lay it on the table.’
    • ‘In an odd sense, sir, is this some progress in your mind, that they are finally laying the charges on the table?’
  • 2US Postpone something indefinitely.