Definition of lay something in/up in US English:

lay something in/up

phrasal verb

  • Build up a stock of something in case of need.

    • ‘By hard work and thrift he managed to lay up considerable of this world's goods and at the time of his death was in comfortable circumstances.’
    • ‘Manufacturers refused to lay in supplies in advance.’
    • ‘Unless you have the foresight to lay up stores in advance, production will grind to a halt.’
    • ‘During this time his expenses had swallowed up the small amount which he had succeeded in laying up previous to his sickness.’
    stock up on, stock up with, stockpile, store, store up, amass, heap up, hoard, save, stow, put aside, garner, accumulate, pile up, mass, assemble, stack up, put away, stow away, husband, reserve, preserve, conserve, collect, muster, put by, put by for a rainy day, squirrel away
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