Definition of lay siege to in US English:

lay siege to


  • Conduct a siege of (a place)

    ‘government forces laid siege to the building’
    figurative ‘the press laid siege to her apartment’
    • ‘After the battle the English expeditionary force landed and laid siege to Rounai.’
    • ‘The objective was to silence the forts so that minesweepers could clear the minefields to allow the fleet to force the Dardanelles and lay siege to Constantinople (now Istanbul).’
    • ‘My parents told me that I really had to speak to the press, who were laying siege to the hospital.’
    • ‘The Iliad covers just a few weeks of the tenth year of the long period over which the Greek forces laid siege to the city of Troy.’
    • ‘Read Michael Crichton's Timeline and, on a misty day, it is easy to imagine medieval armies laying siege to these fortresses.’
    • ‘In December 1880 the Boers rose in revolt, laying siege to isolated British garrisons.’
    • ‘They combined forces and actually laid siege to Aleppo itself.’
    • ‘A generation ago, mounting an expedition meant drafting a herd of porters, slogging loads of gear to a rocky base camp, and laying siege to a Himalayan peak.’
    • ‘True to form the press were preparing to lay siege to the two family homes.’
    • ‘The Takeda army that laid siege to Nagashino castle consisted of 15,000 men, of whom 12,000 took part in the subsequent battle.’
    barricade, close up, block off, shut off, seal, bar
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