Definition of lay down one's arms (or weapons) in US English:

lay down one's arms (or weapons)


  • Cease fighting.

    ‘they renounced violence and laid down their arms’
    • ‘Many in the militia have laid down their weapons.’
    • ‘The 15 were handed over to Kuwaiti police after laying down their arms and giving up, said Captain Darrin Theriault, headquarters company commander of the First Brigade of the US Army's Third Infantry Division.’
    • ‘Hakimi declared that no Taliban would agree to lay down his arms as long as U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘And the Republicans, I guess, will be so shocked and awed that they will lay down their arms and capitulate.’
    • ‘‘We have reports of approximately 2,500 soldiers of the Iraqi Republican Guard laying down their arms in their confrontation with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force,’ Capt. Thorp said, citing reports from the Marines.’
    • ‘And if the Palestinian people eventually agree to lay down their arms, this should serve to keep extremist organizations in check.’
    • ‘Speaking by satellite phone from deep inside Afghanistan, the general said that Taliban units were now laying down their arms, and that a three-pronged offensive was closing on the strategic city of Mazar-e-Sharif.’
    • ‘A senior U.S. official said earlier this month that American authorities have negotiated with key Sunni leaders, who are in turn talking with insurgents and trying to persuade them to lay down their arms.’
    • ‘What was unusual was this: In honour of the forthcoming Olympic games, both sides agreed to lay down their arms and allow participants to pass through enemy territory unharmed.’
    • ‘Retired Major General Robert Harris, from Pennsylvania, who has two sons currently on a mission to Afghanistan, said that during the Gulf War the unit's broadcasts urged the Iraqis to lay down their arms and surrender.’
    • ‘More than 600 attended his funeral in Leytonstone to hear family members appeal to local youngsters to lay down their weapons.’
    • ‘Supporters of the rebel stood by their promise to lay down their weapons peacefully.’
    • ‘We have with certain knowledge the fact that thousands more have laid down their weapons and have gone home.’
    • ‘Typically, this category includes members of a military who have not laid down their arms as well as others who are fighting or approaching a battle, directing an attack, or defending a position.’
    • ‘But, the Marines' natural aggressiveness has been tempered with the knowledge that the battle is against Hussein and his soldiers who choose to fight, not with the Iraqi people or those who lay down their arms.’
    • ‘Reconstruction of Iraq can only begin when the resistance is either killed off or lays down their arms.’
    • ‘Another faction, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), laid down its arms five years ago.’
    • ‘Of the 50, 514 soldiers who have laid down their arms, 44, 995 have entered into the reintegration programme.’
    • ‘He is willing to give the formula for free to any country that asks, provided that they agree to lay down their arms and live in peace.’
    • ‘On Monday, Egyptian mediators went home without a firm agreement from Hamas and other militant groups to lay down their arms, but Palestinian officials said they are confident a deal can be reached in coming days.’
    • ‘Opposition politicians refuse to participate in new elections unless he steps down, and the rebels say they will lay down their weapons only when he is ousted.’
    • ‘That mission is facing warring factions to lay down their weapons.’
    • ‘The Defendant has from that moment laid down its arms.’
    • ‘He pressed ahead with a policy of reconciliation, drawing up a civil concord whereby armed groups would be amnestied if they laid down their arms.’
    • ‘Terrorists and insurgents must lay down their weapons, and enable the vitally important reconstruction and humanitarian work to go ahead.’
    • ‘Offers from Khartoum of federal autonomy failed to persuade the increasingly active guerrillas to lay down their arms.’
    • ‘The Welsh laid down their weapons for the feast but the drunken merry making came to a dramatic halt when William challenged them never again to bear arms in his domains.’
    • ‘Through megaphones, voices in broken English blared out at them, urging them to surrender and lay down their arms.’
    • ‘If everyone disarms and lays down their weapons, they'll even let the fighters go.’
    • ‘If you and your fellows lay down your arms, you will not be harmed.’
    • ‘An estimated 4000 people have reportedly laid down their arms.’
    • ‘Negotiations cannot convince the militia's leaders to lay down their arms.’
    • ‘A decade after laying down their arms, the Contras and the Sandinistas are squaring off in an election that could return Daniel Ortega to power.’
    • ‘The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 declared that in modern warfare fighting men who laid down their arms were to be decently treated; the Geneva Convention of 1929 spelled out the details.’
    relinquish, surrender, give up, yield, cede, turn over
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