Definition of laxly in US English:



  • See lax

    • ‘The everyday ‘sceptical’ view is that most people's epistemic standards are too low or too laxly applied, not that the very idea of justification is fatally flawed.’
    • ‘The school had wanted to expand school enrollment and wanted to make sure that there were enough qualifying students, which was why the teachers graded laxly.’
    • ‘Quite often, this is effected by moving the money through an intermediate country where money-laundering rules are applied laxly, if at all.’
    • ‘Both are known as the pre-Code era, although a loose, laxly administered set of standards was already in place for both media.’
    • ‘In the early twentieth century, twenty-eight states restricted child labor by law, but most of the laws were vaguely worded, full of exemptions, and laxly enforced.’