Definition of lawn chair in English:

lawn chair


North American
  • A folding chair for use outdoors.

    • ‘He introduced himself as he sat down on a lawn chair.’
    • ‘Put your lawn chair in a quiet spot and grab your camera!’
    • ‘She was sitting on her balcony in her lawn chair, and began staring out at the house across from hers as the movers hauled boxes and furniture into the large house.’
    • ‘She took a seat on a lawn chair, motioning for Jessie to do the same.’
    • ‘She took a seat on the white lawn chair and watched the street, busy with the remaining tourists.’
    • ‘He sat down on a lawn chair that had been sitting there.’
    • ‘Actually, he was staring off to my right, at a lawn chair.’
    • ‘On any given day I found him seated in a lawn chair outside the shack, basking in the late afternoon sun.’
    • ‘Ian, who wasn't in the scene, had perched himself in a lawn chair near the pool, and Adam came up at one point and said he was sort of disturbed.’
    • ‘Ben extended a lawn chair next to the keyboard and lounged in it.’
    • ‘Thomas pulled up a lawn chair and sat next to David.’
    • ‘Before I even knew what was happening, I was heading back to my Aunt's house and Trevor was trailing behind me, carrying my lawn chair.’
    • ‘I watched him shut the glass door behind him, sitting down in a lawn chair.’
    • ‘I closed my eyes and leaned back against my lawn chair.’
    • ‘Dressed in sunglasses, a swimsuit and a smile of repose, Ed reclined in the lawn chair.’
    • ‘Timothy was seated in a lawn chair, while Vanessa and Tamarah were out in the water, throwing seaweed at one another.’
    • ‘It was a cool spring day when I was lounging out of the porch in a lawn chair, listening to the radio.’
    • ‘I sat down on the lawn chair and looked up at the sky.’
    • ‘I said as I folded my arms and sat back in the white lawn chair.’
    • ‘Adam is sitting in a lawn chair in the back yard of his recently purchased house.’


lawn chair