Definition of lava lamp in English:

lava lamp


  • A transparent electric lamp containing a viscous liquid in which a brightly colored waxy substance is suspended, rising and falling in irregular and constantly changing shapes.

    • ‘So the beanbag's ready, the lava lamp's warming up and the joss-sticks are lit, when gradually the realisation dawns that something's not quite right.’
    • ‘Ariana squinted as she tried to make out the figure in the pale red light of the lava lamp.’
    • ‘I know it's a proper album, because my favourite songs keep shifting and changing and rising and falling, like wax in a lava lamp.’
    • ‘It's composed of several screens with fluid colour rays changing in the way a lava lamp does.’
    • ‘After another couple of seconds, the feeling of being enclosed in a small space eased up and I noticed my lava lamp on my shelf, forming their comforting shapes.’
    • ‘The shady lava lamp in the corner of the room supplied a dismal crimson light, the bubbly pink shimmers on the wall fell onto his flaccid, ageless, sweaty body.’
    • ‘Her persistence led to a conviction and the recovery of a lava lamp and money box among the stolen goods.’
    • ‘I find the waves banging over the prom have a similar effect on me as a lava lamp.’
    • ‘My favorite part of the room was the corner table where a lava lamp bubbled a soothing purple liquid.’
    • ‘They say necessity is the mother of invention, but if that old adage was true, why do we have the harmonica or the lava lamp?’
    • ‘It revealed that my computer outputs sound based on an iteration involving fifteen random infinite sets derived from a distributed lava lamp.’
    • ‘She tried her hand at making a lava lamp as her arts and crafts project which proved very successful.’
    • ‘It was a real treat because Jo wore cat's eye glasses and had a lava lamp in the waiting area.’
    • ‘There's a place in the US wants to attract interest from investors by having a giant lava lamp in the middle of the town.’
    • ‘Only a lava lamp illuminated my cramped, dark apartment, its red-tinted light bouncing off the red of the walls.’
    • ‘I buy myself a lava lamp, listen to some Led Zeppelin and play a game of Pong.’
    • ‘Max, that map behind you looks like a lava lamp, for Pete's sake.’
    • ‘I also own a lava lamp, or at least a vial of orange goo left behind by my landlord who has an unnervingly 70s view of home design.’
    • ‘The only lighting in the room was from our lava lamp, which cast eerie green and blue shadows that made the icy look on my best friend's face appear even more foreboding.’
    • ‘Her mouth dropped open when she saw her lava lamp broken on the floor and a mirror had been smashed that was near the window.’


lava lamp