Definition of Laundromat in US English:


(also laundromat)


North American
trademark in US
  • An establishment with coin-operated washing machines and dryers for public use.

    • ‘When I lived on Pine Street, I had to cross the canal to get to the laundromat, the good restaurants, the happening bars, and my friends' houses.’
    • ‘It was time for a rest, so while Jack rested, I took some dirty laundry and headed to the closest Laundromat.’
    • ‘And I'll still have to walk 5 blocks to the laundromat.’
    • ‘The coin mechanism was a slide device similar to the type found today on a washing machine in many Laundromats or on old pinball machines.’
    • ‘He had a run in with some Russians at a laundromat in Brooklyn not too long ago, and he's been two bricks shy of a load ever since.’
    • ‘2 weeks on the road can be a little challenging - especially since I've seen no laundromats in Shanghai.’
    • ‘We have non-chain coffee shops and laundromats whose patrons are a fascinating mix of social strata!’
    • ‘You do not get extra points for meeting someone in a bar or while waiting for dry socks at the Laundromat.’
    • ‘I passed by a Laundromat, and thank god; I saw her inside talking to some shaggy-looking guy wearing this huge black coat.’
    • ‘We loaded the camping gear and drove in search of a laundromat.’
    • ‘The washer and dryer on every floor is nice - I don't have to drive to a Laundromat.’
    • ‘Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman?’
    • ‘Later we see him at a laundromat, washing his costume and reading a stack of books.’
    • ‘She was stuffing all her clothes in a washing machine at a Laundromat they'd discovered that was about a five minute cab ride from the hotel.’
    • ‘It would take me a week to save up change to go to a Laundromat.’
    • ‘There was a Laundromat about twenty minutes away.’
    • ‘How could this service be a threat to the viability of a large Laundromat in an area over 5km away from our estate and not on a direct bus route?’
    • ‘Here at last is a superhero who not only washes his costume at a cruddy coin-op Laundromat, but has his socks ruined when the red and blue colors of his costume run.’
    • ‘The laundromat will remain closed indefinitely.’
    • ‘In cities, you can pay people to do laundry for you instead of going to the laundromat.’
    • ‘I'm gathering my (copious amounts of) laundry and headed to the laundromat.’
    • ‘She worked 45 years in a laundromat, making minimum wage, and still managed to send her kids to parochial school.’
    • ‘We asked a couple of cops where we could find a Laundromat.’
    • ‘I was walking through Chelsea last night when, lo and behold, I see a laundromat.’
    • ‘At a Laundromat, she runs into a very published and famous poet, a white man.’
    • ‘Utterly nondescript, but it's been a grocery store, an auto dealership, an office building, and a laundromat.’
    • ‘I was walking to the laundromat today when I met an acquaintance, Paulos, on the road.’
    • ‘These intervention programs make use of lay leadership in churches, schools, beauty salons, barbershops, tattoo and body piercing salons, and laundromats.’
    • ‘Steve and I would always stop in a little laundromat that had a coffee machine that dispensed really good hot chocolate and we'd each have one.’
    • ‘The next morning was spent at the laundromat drying all of our wet clothes.’
    • ‘They lug their dirty laundry to the neighborhood Laundromat, lug their groceries home and then lug the bags of garbage to the curb.’
    • ‘So, the Laundromats have showers where many people have to come to take a shower.’
    • ‘There was a note on the table that read: Hey Kate, I'm at the Laundromat.’
    • ‘It is stated that they operate out of bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and yes, Laundromats.’
    • ‘A particularly hated weekend chore involved the counting and rolling of all the change taken from the machines at the three laundromats he owned.’
    • ‘But it turns out there's a laundromat only 2 doors down me and it's on the same side of the street!’
    • ‘You know, I thought Laundromats were boring!’
    • ‘The problem is places where there's a captive audience and no one is available to respond to requests, like the Laundromat or the airport.’
    • ‘I wrote in secret, on lined yellow pads, in pencil, in a Laundromat, where I felt no one was watching.’
    • ‘I did laundry at the laundromat (towels just don't come out nice unless they get fluffed up in the dryer) and vacuumed and verified the contents of Edmond's next resupply box.’
    washroom, laundry room, launderette, dry cleaner's, public wash house, chinese laundry
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1940s (originally US, as the proprietary name of a washing machine): blend of launder and automatic.