Definition of launch out in US English:

launch out

phrasal verb

  • Make a start on a new and challenging enterprise.

    ‘she wasn't brave enough to launch out by herself’
    • ‘He is a frequent, well read and provocative poster at this and other blogs, and has now launched out in his own right and started a solo blog.’
    • ‘Likewise, seamen in the life of faith, let us launch out into the deep, and find that all things are possible with God, and all things are possible unto him that believeth.’
    • ‘The company learnt this lesson and used it as a leverage when they launched out on their own.’
    • ‘Even now the working class is far from responding to the betrayal it has suffered at the hands of Labour by launching out on a new and genuinely socialist path.’
    • ‘I wouldn't want to discourage them but I would urge caution and a bit of sensible risk assessment before launching out.’
    • ‘We watched the news for hours, looking in vain for the kind of information that would let two people like us decide whether to launch out on a personal mission to evacuate people.’
    • ‘I thought it might have been some banker, you know, coming to settle my affairs of state before I get launched out of this Sphere.’
    • ‘On Sunday the group had launched out on a publicity campaign in the surrounding communities.’
    • ‘Almost from the moment we launched out, we were addressing huge crowds in the sugar belt and elsewhere.’
    • ‘The Irish wine market is entering a mature phase with a broad, confident consumer base now launching out on its own to explore and engage with smaller and more specialist wines.’
    start, burst into, break into, begin, embark on, get going on
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