Definition of laughingstock in English:



  • A person subjected to general mockery or ridicule.

    • ‘Both are totally discredited laughing stocks that add to the variety of political life.’
    • ‘However, the referendum that they proposed was a laughing stock.’
    • ‘‘It makes us look a laughing stock, and encourages deference to the crown,’ he said.’
    • ‘Believe me, none of my friends are even remotely jealous of these women who have become laughing stocks and the subject of many jokes around town.’
    • ‘We knew we were in for a lashing from the press because to lose to the USA made us the laughing stocks of the game and really it was dismal.’
    • ‘Countries once considered laughing stocks are now financial powerhouses and with that comes opportunities for investors.’
    • ‘We are the laughing stock of the whole footballing world.’
    • ‘We are the laughing stock of Europe with our ridiculously high prices for everything and our stupid infantile government.’
    • ‘Just 20 years ago, Spain's wines were the laughing stock of Europe.’
    • ‘The singles charts really have become a laughing stock.’
    • ‘The dream quickly turned into a nightmare as poor reliability on the track and fierce internal squabbling made the team a laughing stock.’
    • ‘But how can we help them if they make laughing stocks of themselves?’
    • ‘Telling your friend that she can't sing now might save her from becoming the laughing stock on the college cultural meet.’
    • ‘Anyone who had spent a bomb on a just-for-the-occasion dress would have been the laughing stock at the gathering.’
    • ‘Your antics have made us the laughing stock of the neighbourhood.’
    • ‘People with hemorrhoids have been stereotyped by the comics or comedians to be laughing stocks.’
    • ‘This country is going crazy with its political correctness and health and safety issues and it's making a laughing stock out of us.’
    • ‘They were looked down upon and became laughing stocks in Chinese history.’
    • ‘Our system is incredibly outdated - it makes us a laughing stock.’
    • ‘She and her friends are always treated as ‘laughing stocks’ when they travel abroad.’
    figure of fun, object of ridicule, dupe, butt, fool, joke, standing joke, everybody's fool, stooge
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