Definition of laugh in someone's face in US English:

laugh in someone's face


  • Show open contempt for someone by laughing rudely at them in their presence.

    figurative ‘vandals and muggers who laugh in the face of the law’
    • ‘At one audition, the casting director laughed in her face.’
    • ‘I swear fate or something like it was laughing in my face.’
    • ‘The bishop has moral authority over his priests, but if one of them laughs in his face, that moral authority is useless.’
    • ‘This is right by the place where justice is supposed to be served and yet they're laughing in its face.’
    • ‘When he excitedly told me about his new job three weeks ago - earning £12k less than me - I didn't laugh in his face and wave my payslip in his face.’
    • ‘If you'd walked up to me over a year ago and said I will be going to the gym twice a week within a few months, I would have laughed in your face.’
    • ‘If anyone had told me in 2002 that I'd be sat at this computer writing about how I had overcome crippling self-doubt, anxiety, and low self-esteem I would have laughed in their face.’
    • ‘And this time, instead of having the feeling of one person looking at you, it seemed like the whole world was staring and laughing in my face.’
    • ‘If, ten years ago, someone had said that I'd be writing sentences that like I would have laughed in their face in a cynically and postmodernly way, in keeping with my cool, confident image.’
    • ‘Rose was so furious that this man had the nerve to steal her away from her friends and family, stuff her in a crate, only to open it a while later and laugh in her face.’