Definition of laudatory in US English:



  • (of speech or writing) expressing praise and commendation.

    ‘enthusiastic and laudatory articles’
    • ‘The obituary is highly laudatory, a testimony of praise for a creative artist.’
    • ‘During the union election, all the New York dailies ran highly laudatory articles about him.’
    • ‘If I were to read all of the laudatory comments that arrived both on the evaluation sheets and via e-mail, my hat size would go up by several points; I'll try to resist that.’
    • ‘I can remember taking particular note of the laudatory comments about him in these publications.’
    • ‘With one qualified exception they have been laudatory, have commended his integrity, his reliance upon his God, his brilliance as a soldier, his restless energy as head of state.’
    • ‘In spite of my laudatory remarks for the governor of the Central Bank, the whole system has to change.’
    • ‘Nothing suits her better than bucking her party and getting all those nice laudatory articles about what a maverick she is.’
    • ‘Here's a sampling of laudatory comments culled from the archives.’
    • ‘On War, which had first been translated in 1873, was republished in 1908 to the accompaniment of many laudatory commentaries.’
    • ‘Yet if the laudatory comments of his students are true, they suggest a fairness in his classroom manner often absent in his writing.’
    • ‘The inscriptions are replete with complimentary titles and laudatory sentiments and are finely enameled in the purplish gray background characteristic of wares made for him.’
    • ‘Many laudatory speeches during birthday parties and eulogies during funerals simply skip over this time and construct biographical outlines without these years.’
    • ‘The house itself is not in the best of repair, of course, and that may be the main problem with laudatory celebrations this summer.’
    • ‘It got very laudatory comments from the commander of the Battalion.’
    • ‘The laudatory nature of this article was treated with some scepticism by many of the residents.’
    • ‘Peter the Great at once commissioned it from Danzig masters and presented it to her with a laudatory poem that glorified her military exploits.’
    • ‘He didn't want his 50th jubilee to be celebrated at all, let alone celebrated with the customary pompous laudatory speeches.’
    • ‘As usual, the media wrote laudatory profiles about the 30-year-old, black, Southern New Democrat who represented the future of the party.’
    • ‘General Andrew Jackson himself made laudatory comments regarding black fighting men in the War of 1812.’
    • ‘I have even received three laudatory letters from black prisoners, all recounting how they subscribed to the party-faithful line in their youth but have rejected it since.’
    full of praise, complimentary, congratulatory, praising, extolling, acclamatory, adulatory, commendatory, admiring, approving, approbatory, flattering, celebratory, glorifying, eulogizing, eulogistic, panegyric, panegyrical
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Mid 16th century: from late Latin laudatorius, from laudat- ‘praised’, from the verb laudare (see laud).