Definition of lattice in English:



  • 1A structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left between, used as a screen or fence or as a support for climbing plants.

    • ‘The windows were covered with a lattice of thick metal grilles, and the doors were of reinforced steel.’
    • ‘A construction technique called ‘the woodpile’ which creates a diamond lattice, requires years to produce a workable structure.’
    • ‘Climbing up the lattice made Cerri dizzy, so as she climbed, she focused her thoughts on what she'd say to Alia to convince her to stay.’
    • ‘I simplified his design, but the principle was the same: the trellis - upright posts and a lattice grille - would support climbers such as roses and clematis.’
    • ‘The restaurant itself is interesting, with use being made of lattice wood to give a ‘Thai’ feel to the place.’
    • ‘Then we planted some climbing plants on the ground below the lattice.’
    • ‘The windows are narrow with diamond-shaped lead lattices.’
    • ‘Grey bricks, some with dragon motifs, were surmounted by wooden screens, vivid lattice and slender doors.’
    • ‘In this initial study, we primarily use two-dimensional square lattice structures.’
    • ‘These types of vines can most easily grasp onto wires or thin lattice pieces that are spaced closely together.’
    • ‘Atop the stairstep stucco fence, cedar lattice was added to heighten the enclosure.’
    • ‘The place was beautifully landscaped - flowers and plants grew up a lattice that created a sort of canopy above the path.’
    • ‘Its five floors are linked by an old lift with a metal lattice door, clanked shut by an ageing attendant.’
    • ‘Using nails or screws, connect the sides of the archways with wood or wire lattices from which the vines will grow.’
    • ‘Rooms overlooking the courtyard upstairs have widely spaced lattice woodwork to allow for cross ventilation with facing windows.’
    • ‘At the rear of each, Tom attached a lattice panel to support the rose canes, provide a backrest, and enclose the seat.’
    • ‘Instead of planing any projecting edge of a face frame, you can build out the cabinet sides with strips of wood lattice or plywood before you install the door over the end panel.’
    • ‘One particularly attractive version uses solid boards for the lower four or five feet of the fence, then lattice for the upper one or two feet.’
    • ‘It may be the most elegant and sophisticated wood yard in the world, but its three-dimensional lattice structure will work excellently as a timber seasoning device.’
    • ‘He designed and built the lattice fence himself, setting the stepped sections back slightly from the sidewalk to accommodate a planting strip.’
    grid, latticework, fretwork, open framework, openwork, trellis, trelliswork, network, mesh, web, webbing, netting, net, tracery, interlacing, reticulation, reticulum, grate, grating, grille, grillwork, criss-cross, matrix
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    1. 1.1 An interlaced structure or pattern resembling a lattice.
      ‘the lattice of branches above her’
      • ‘This glass could, in its molten state, be drawn and twisted into elaborate shapes; colored canes were sometimes inserted to create lacy lattices or millet ion patterns.’
      • ‘Seen by moonlight, the huge atrium garden was beautiful: White and pale blue, delicate lattices of frost on branches turned to glittering lace.’
      • ‘The new gold was burnished before the lattice pattern was inscribed and the punching executed using tools specially made to imitate the original ones.’
      • ‘A neighbouring image presents a lattice of veins crisscrossing a pale leaf, web-like tendrils seemingly reaching into the world of the spider that rests in the image further along.’
      • ‘Soften capsicum in microwave and make a lattice pattern.’
      • ‘Moorish archways and arabesque screens slip a lattice of shadows across the comings and goings in the lobby.’
      • ‘There are three distinct patterns of floor tiles: separate white tiles framed in a lattice of black strips, white crosses on a black ground, and black crosses on a white ground.’
      • ‘Rising above the 70th floor, up to 1,500 feet, is a proposed structure supported by a lattice of tension cables similar to those of the Brooklyn Bridge.’
      • ‘Had you retained this lattice, the ceiling above would have required replastering, as the unsightly remedial works would have been visible through the grid.’
      • ‘Working carefully - the dough is delicate - overlay the strips to form a lattice on top of the filling.’
      • ‘The blue is criss-crossed with a lattice of delicate, dissipating vapour trails from the transatlantic jets passing overhead.’
      • ‘The lattice pattern on the front of her blouse, unlike Viola's, draws sensual attention to her bust line.’
      • ‘The lattice, with its entwined flowering twig pattern, was finished in pink, bronze, and green by brushing on copper-based colorants.’
      grid, latticework, fretwork, open framework, openwork, trellis, trelliswork, network, mesh, web, webbing, netting, net, tracery, interlacing, reticulation, reticulum, grate, grating, grille, grillwork, criss-cross, matrix
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    2. 1.2Physics A regular repeated three-dimensional arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in a metal or other crystalline solid.
      • ‘Bizarrely, pushing the lattice closer together, while hindering electrons, nevertheless makes its easier for holes to move.’
      • ‘The attractive force experienced is easily sufficient to break the lattice structure that sodium chloride is normally encountered in.’
      • ‘The copper forms a square lattice with an oxygen atom bridging each pair of copper atoms.’
      • ‘To get to it, imagine removing two-thirds of the carbon atoms and then collapsing the metal lattice, albeit in a complex way.’
      • ‘A molecule is first placed at the center of a square lattice.’
      • ‘These lattices join together into one of seven different crystal systems, each contributing to a crystal's unique qualities.’


Middle English: from Old French lattis, from latte ‘lath’, of Germanic origin.