Definition of Latter-day Saints in US English:

Latter-day Saints

(also LDS)

plural noun

  • Another name for the Mormons.

    • ‘Their contemporaries the Latter-Day Saints expected the harsh climate of the Great Basin to be gradually softened by God's favor.’
    • ‘The influence of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints is all pervasive, from the restrictions on the sale of alcohol, tea, coffee and tobacco.’
    • ‘‘At any given moment’, he claims, ‘the majority of Latter-Day Saints are first-generation converts’.’
    • ‘In most of these states, the Latter-Day Saints have been an important force as well.’
    • ‘It happens that I have known more than my fair share of Latter-Day Saints, one of whom gave me the Book of Mormon to read.’


Latter-day Saints

/ˌlædərˌdeɪ ˈseɪnts//ˌladərˌdā ˈsānts/