Definition of latitudinal in English:



  • See latitude

    • ‘We used a molecular fingerprinting technique to analyze the distribution and composition of eukaryotic picoplankton along latitudinal transects in the Southern Ocean.’
    • ‘A third prominent hypothesis related to latitudinal variation in body size is that of countergradient variation, also known as the latitudinal compensation hypothesis.’
    • ‘Longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates for each livestock auction were used to determine the relationship between location and selling price using a regression analysis.’
    • ‘The latitudinal gradient is particularly evident on Thyrrhenian coasts (western Italian side) due to barrier effect of the Apennines range.’
    • ‘The date of maximum Daphnia abundance and the period of minimum Daphnia abundance in lakes of North America was positively, linearly related to the latitudinal position of the lakes.’
    • ‘Because of the variable latitudinal position and range of sites within regions, North American and Australian data, respectively were treated in combined analyses.’