Definition of Latin lover in US English:

Latin lover


  • A Latin male popularly characterized as having a romantic, passionate temperament and great sexual prowess.

    • ‘The character of Marcello transcends the stereotype of the Latin lover.’
    • ‘The myth of the Latin lover goes back much further than that, though.’
    • ‘Other people of color get painted by projection as well: the Latin lover, the geisha.’
    • ‘She did not know whether the baby's father was her vicar husband Ashley or hot-blooded Latin lover Carlos.’
    • ‘He was quite superb, camping it up as the louche Latin lover, complete with red satin frilled shirt open to the waist and buttock hugging leather pants.’
    • ‘I've been fighting stereotypes all my life - should I play the Latin lover, should I play the gang member, the drug lord, the gardener?’


Latin lover

/ˈlætn ˈləvər/