Definition of latifundium in US English:



  • A large landed estate or ranch in ancient Rome or more recently in Spain or Latin America, typically worked by slaves.

    • ‘The Alentejo has traditionally been a region of low population density, latifundia that originated in the Roman estate system, and landless day laborers.’
    • ‘The labour needed to work these latifundia was provided by transforming free peasants into unfree tenants tied to the land.’
    • ‘In the seventh and eighth centuries, the city drew its food supply from the public, papal, and ecclesiastical patrimony in the Latium countryside and the latifundia of Sicily.’
    • ‘Despite this industrialisation, a third of the population still worked as agricultural labourers, many in large estates or latifundia.’
    • ‘The countryside was dominated by giant estates or latifundia.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin, from latus ‘broad’ + fundus ‘landed estate’, partly via Spanish.