Definition of latecomer in US English:



  • A person who arrives late.

    ‘latecomers were not admitted before the intermission’
    figurative ‘he was a latecomer to modernism’
    • ‘We all crammed into a smallish room - apparently the event had more than sold out - and waited for the latecomers to arrive as the panel chatted amongst themselves.’
    • ‘A few latecomers arrived in a hurry and took their seats as soon as possible, relieved that they had not missed anything.’
    • ‘Among the latecomers to the group was a nice-looking brunette.’
    • ‘It got so you could almost count on his walking in with the other latecomers.’
    • ‘We passed a few latecomers on their way to the falls.’
    • ‘I paddled the rest of the way in to the beach, arriving just as the latecomers were hopping over the rocks that lined the shore.’
    • ‘It could host the feeding of the 5,000, with ample room for latecomers.’
    • ‘Parking bays were full and the latecomers were forced to park their vehicles even outside the campus.’
    • ‘Everyone was starting to fidget with hunger and boredom when the door opened to admit the latecomer.’
    • ‘The latecomer did arrive 10 minutes after the dinner had begun and the place setting had been pulled.’
    • ‘But further delays in the legislative process, or difficulties in lining up a buyer for the business, would bring latecomers back into the frame.’
    • ‘Why do all latecomers have seats in the centre of a row?’
    • ‘The temperature was also starting to rise in the room as more latecomers arrived and filled the room.’
    • ‘The crowd was probably north of 1,000 and the kick-off was even delayed to let the latecomers in.’
    • ‘If you're having a Christmas drinks party, make sure you have enough glasses to go around - mugs for latecomers just won't do!’
    • ‘Organisers said they expected 92 participants this year, including four latecomers.’
    • ‘There is also a danger that latecomers will be investing once all or most of the growth in that sector has already taken place.’
    • ‘You doubt and second-guess your choice, lamenting the unjustifiable advance of latecomers.’
    • ‘There was a pause between Acts 1 and 2, and a rather high number of latecomers were admitted, resulting in much shuffling, and a general hum of conversation.’
    • ‘It was impossible for us latecomers to squeeze in far enough to see either of the giant TV screens, let alone the approaching buses.’