Definition of late-glacial in US English:


(also late glacial)


  • Relating to the later stages of the final glaciation, from the beginning of the rise in temperature about 15,000 years ago to about 10,000 years ago.

    Compare with postglacial
    • ‘Immediately north of Carndonagh a late-glacial outwash surface slopes northwards from around 30 to 7 metres above sea level.’
    • ‘Only one study reports SD counts on late-glacial graminoid leaves in relation to past atmospheric CO 2 levels.’
    • ‘The field setting suggests that both ice contact deposition and marine sedimentation at the distal end of the late-glacial outwash fan occurred at about the same time.’
    • ‘The name ‘Younger Dryas’ was applied to the most recent and pronounced of these late-glacial cold intervals, and has received the most attention.’