Definition of lastly in US English:



  • In the last place (used to introduce the last of a series of points or actions)

    ‘lastly, I would like to thank my parents’
    • ‘And lastly, the state had a chance this time to actually see what the defendant presented as a defense.’
    • ‘And lastly, wrong public policies and priorities complete the picture.’
    • ‘They employ also a great number of manufacturers and tradesmen, and lastly the class of laboring husbandmen.’
    • ‘Mix in the orange purée and lastly add the teaspoon of baking powder.’
    • ‘Spray against the mildew in March before the flowers open, again at fruit set and, lastly, two weeks later.’
    • ‘I'm going to refute Bruce in three easy steps, first with some history, second with some analogy, and lastly with a bit of philosophy.’
    • ‘And, lastly, other hormonal changes may influence metabolic rate.’
    • ‘And lastly there is nothing the great British public likes more as a spectator sport than having a good look at someone else's disaster.’
    • ‘And lastly, they thanked us for helping to show the world by our presence that it was possible to create a world where all worlds fit.’
    • ‘And lastly, for some problem youngsters, cannabis is a gateway to other more sinister and dangerous drugs.’
    • ‘The enzymes lastly help to clean the blood, and get all the gunk and necrotic tissue that the body's trying to get rid of through the bloodstream out.’
    • ‘A fourth card is dealt face up, with another betting sequence, and lastly a fifth card up with the final bets.’
    • ‘Then plant and back fill, and lastly mulch well and water some more.’
    • ‘I think lastly of my grandmother, who died about four years ago from cancer, again she never smoked a cigarette in her life.’
    • ‘It started with a story, then a snippet of a theory, and lastly a poem.’
    • ‘And lastly, most women, even younger women, are still failing to take emotional ownership of their money.’
    • ‘The ground had to be dug over, dressed with some compost and lastly covered with the topsoil.’
    • ‘And lastly, there are the fears that it simply cannot last.’
    • ‘It was followed by Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and, lastly, the United States of America.’
    • ‘And lastly, take the French différence out of Montreal and you're left with any other boring city.’
    finally, in conclusion, to conclude, in closing, to sum up, to end, in drawing things to a close, in winding up, last, ultimately, in fine, last but not least
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