Definition of last call in US English:

last call

(British last orders)


  • (in a bar) said to inform customers that closing time is approaching and that any further drinks should be purchased immediately.

    ‘the hours were 11:00 last call and drink up by 11:15’
    • ‘Showed up just in time for the last call of dollar drinks.’
    • ‘Most people have had enough to drink when last orders are called at 2am.’
    • ‘It's not that I want half-day closing and last orders at 10.30 pm.’
    • ‘It will help get away from binge drinking and drinking vast amounts before last orders.’
    • ‘And extending a convivial night's drinking after last orders has been called is a long standing Dales custom.’
    • ‘For last call, you ordered a bottle of rum and a Coke.’
    • ‘The other returns to the table, it's getting close to last orders so shorter drinks with higher alcohol content are the very thing.’
    • ‘No longer will we have to rush to get the drinks in before last orders at 11 o'clock when new licensing laws introduce continental style late opening hours for bars and pubs.’
    • ‘But the pair will not dash off on their honeymoon after last orders because they want to keep the drinks flowing until after New Year.’
    • ‘Long past last call, the two finally wander off out the door, only to have a third wheel catch up to them outside the club.’