Definition of laser pointer in US English:

laser pointer


  • A pen-shaped pointing device that contains a small diode laser that emits an intense beam of light, used to direct attention during presentations.

    • ‘She loved tinkering with anything electrical, and had spent the summer building, among other things, her own supercomputer, a custom laser pointer, and six-disc CD player from things in her room.’
    • ‘The same is true of the beam of a laser pointer, though the distance is much longer.’
    • ‘The car did not slow down when signaled by a U.S. soldier holding a search light and laser pointer.’
    • ‘And Adam traces this little company from, you know, its beginning in a garage selling a laser pointer to becoming a, you know, multi-billion-dollar business.’
    • ‘He should attach the laser pointer as he originally described, leave the pedal firmly screwed into the crank and rotate the crank (keeping the pedal alignment with the floor constant).’
    • ‘My boss: he used a red laser pointer to ‘draw a kilt’ on my wall for approximately 40 minutes while claiming the red laser pointer also had a ‘green trail’ behind it.’
    • ‘Before Einstein, it was thought that two separate sets of transformation laws applied, one for the dropping of keys, and another for the light coming out of your laser pointer.’
    • ‘Pulses also exhibit diffraction - spreading perpendicular to their propagation direction - just as a laser pointer's beam gets wider on the way to a distant screen.’
    • ‘Also, some dogs enjoy ‘chasing’ the beam from a laser pointer.’
    • ‘Anyone who's ever used a laser pointer might be a bit skeptical of the alert, however, given how difficult it is to fix the beam on a stationary spot a few dozen meters away - to say nothing of a passenger jet zooming toward an airport runway.’
    • ‘If the shaft is bent the light on the wall from the laser pointer will travel several inches as the shaft is rotated.’
    • ‘Or maybe it was how Pluto chased the red dot from the laser pointer at top speed no matter where it went - including inside a shoe - and how he stared expectantly at the floor for a long moment after Gene put the toy away.’
    • ‘There is a valid US patent for a method of exercising one's cat by using a laser pointer to create a moving spot of light.’
    • ‘Its light source is a toy laser pointer, the kind often used by lecturers.’
    • ‘Implanted on the abdomen or upper arm (there is a concern regarding the sensor's long-term sensitivity to sunlight), the diabetic would read his or her glucose levels from a device the size of a laser pointer.’
    • ‘A laser, much like the one in an ordinary laser pointer, is combined with a digital camera and a computer processor that analyzes and integrates spatial information as the user moves the device back and forth over a scene.’
    • ‘This is a laser pointer, and this gives you an idea.’
    • ‘The sensor could be inserted into tissue, excited with a laser pointer, and provide real-time, continuous monitoring of blood glucose level.’
    • ‘It's going to be really hard to operate that laser pointer with multiple skull fractures!’
    • ‘Playing with a feather dancer or chasing a ball, a wad of paper, or a beam of light from a flashlight or laser pointer should help your cat release some of the energy she now spends chewing inappropriate items.’