Definition of larval in US English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting the active immature form of an insect.

    ‘the larval stage of a fly’
    • ‘Upon completion of larval development, the larvae transform to the pupa stage, which lasts five to 10 days.’
    • ‘Fennel is a great larval plant for certain species of butterflies.’
    • ‘All of these tissues, except the salivary gland, are considered necessary for the process of larval molting.’
    • ‘The physiological "decision" whether or not to produce horns occurs toward the very end of the larval feeding period.’
    • ‘Some gardeners may carry a knapsack sprayer to treat only the "hot spots" to halt excessive fly larval breeding.’
    • ‘The beetle's larval form, called a water tiger, can grow three inches long.’
    • ‘Nematodes have been useful in reducing black vine weevil larval populations, especially in containerized plants.’
    • ‘The tiny borer spends its entire larval life inside the coffee berry, which encases the seed, commonly known as the coffee bean.’
    • ‘Wireworms are the larval stage of a group of beetles commonly called "click beetles".’
    • ‘About 1 millimeter long, the reddish Varroa mites can kill or weaken adult and larval bees by sucking their blood or exposing them to diseases.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting an immature form of other animals that undergo some metamorphosis.
      ‘a larval salamander’
      • ‘Using chemical signals in larval mussel shells, the scientist will differentiate juveniles that were spawned locally from those from other places.’
      • ‘Larval salamanders are favorites for doing research on regeneration.’
      • ‘These amphibians, like modern frogs and salamanders, hatched from eggs and spent their larval period in the water as tadpoles.’
      • ‘Phytoplankton are critical for feeding larval fish.’
      • ‘American lobsters have a complex life cycle that involves a 3-10 week free-swimming larval stage in surface water.’
      • ‘The name poutine in the south of France refers to larval sardines or anchovies.’
      • ‘The Spanish name aladroch applies to small anchovies only, whether larval or somewhat larger.’
      • ‘Amphibians retained an aquatic larval stage.’
      • ‘The lateral line system is a series of sensory organs, usually appearing in a line or series of lines on the sides and heads of fishes and larval amphibians.’
      • ‘In many animals, the embryonic phase is immediately succeeded by a free-living larval or immature adult stage.’