Definition of lares in US English:


plural noun

  • (in ancient Roman belief) household gods worshiped in conjunction with Vesta and the penates.

    See also penates
    • ‘Each family home would also have a small altar and shrine. The Romans had personal household gods or spirits called ‘lares’ which were worshipped every day at home.’
    • ‘In this sacrificial procession, statuettes of the lares and of the Emperor are held by three of the figures on the left.’


  • lares and penates

    • A person's home and household possessions.

      • ‘He would also have had more loyalty to his own culture - more pietas (respect for the lares and penates).’
      • ‘Throw in white and you resolve at least Leeds and Spurs, and get the colours of St. George - perhaps playing in these colours creates some form of prayer to the lares and penates, or to St. George or England itself?’
      • ‘No wonder students in the College Programming Office compiled a complementary, unofficial list of lares and penates, ‘Things to Make a Dorm a Home.’’