Definition of larcenous in US English:



  • See larceny

    • ‘The second highest compliment she received was larcenous in nature: the (generally unauthorized) gesture of forwarding her emails to other people…’
    • ‘And since they are the intelligent ones, they are able to cause trouble for the more larcenous politicians.’
    • ‘Indeed the upper echelons, who to the unenlightened merely appear as parasitic larcenous thugs, will have a tad more than the $5 being shoveled at those welfare recipients that curtsy correctly.’
    • ‘In the early 19th century, fur traders wiped out its seals; during the Gold Rush, a lucrative and larcenous trade in seabird eggs killed millions of common murres.’
    • ‘For starters, ‘the giant stays alive’ and Jack goes back to the enchanted castle to fess up to his larcenous inclinations and allow the writers to explore more psychologically relevant themes.’