Definition of lapsang souchong in English:

lapsang souchong


  • A variety of souchong tea with a smoky flavor.

    • ‘There's something soothing and comforting about a cup of earl grey and milk; or exciting like lapsang souchong or elegant like Darjeeling.’
    • ‘Still, fortified by peanut butter toast and lapsang souchong, I type on.’
    • ‘I now prefer the intoxicating blend of Russian caravan and lapsang souchong to the heady mix of vodka and tonic, going to bed early to sleeping in late, cook books to comic books.’
    • ‘I unpacked my suddenly calorie-counted and salad-laden supplies, and made myself a nice cup of lapsang souchong.’
    • ‘I'm acquiring some old-school drum 'n' bass, drinking a cup of lapsang souchong.’


Late 19th century: from an invented first element + souchong.


lapsang souchong

/ˈlapˌsaNG ˈso͞oˌCHäNG/