Definition of lap dissolve in US English:

lap dissolve


  • A fade-out of a scene in a movie that overlaps with a fade-in of a new scene, so that one appears to dissolve into the other.

    • ‘‘Stormy Weather’ remains a seriously sultry number, presented here with a series of remarkable lap dissolves and screen wipes that fill the frame with expanding quarter-notes and clefs.’
    • ‘Primitive - and thus charming - special effects include the early use of lap dissolves (the double-exposure of a fade-out over a fade-in) to create magical transformation scenes.’
    • ‘Kolker writes, ‘The lap dissolve is conventionally used to signify a lapse of time or a change of place.’’
    • ‘Special effects are somewhat lightweight - just a lot of smoke and a lap dissolve to show Dracula having transformed into the Chinese high priest.’
    • ‘The pacing is patient, the scenes gorgeously, moodily underlit, the editing elegant (those graceful lap dissolves always send a happy chill up my spine).’
    • ‘A book with chapter divisions, a lap dissolve in a movie, a fade-out on a record - all are metafictional; i.e., not only are they patently neither life nor a barroom anecdote nor a campfire sing, but they aren't even trying to appear to be.’
    • ‘There are even equivalents of lap dissolves and double exposures.’
    • ‘A series of lap dissolves leads us to the same girl, seated in a classroom, gazing vacantly.’
    • ‘The exquisite lap dissolves, the sprinkling snowflakes and the softly lit surface of skin are the key visual touchstones here, and they keep the mood energized throughout.’