Definition of lap dance in US English:

lap dance


  • An erotic dance or striptease performed close to, or sitting on the lap of, a paying customer.

    • ‘I still have all the marks from the rug burns from the lap dance I did.’
    • ‘But if you simply must get a lap dance before carrying out operations, could you try not to tell the infidel ladies about our plans?’
    • ‘A lap dance is still 20 bucks, even when the song is short’
    • ‘Hey, who wouldn't be intrigued by sexy girls in short skirts giving a lap dance.’
    • ‘She would like me to take her to a club where she can get a lap dance from a female stripper.’
    • ‘How about you get your bottom over here and give me a lap dance?’
    • ‘He doesn't see it as a problem when it's not a regular occurrence and it never goes any further; but from my side (maybe naive), I never thought that a man who was crazy about me would get a lap dance.’
    • ‘He grins sweetly, and I show him a real lap dance, and no one looks, because after all, this is America, the land of the free.’
    • ‘I like to know a couple of things about the woman giving me a lap dance: She's at least 18 and has a future beyond the pole.’
    • ‘I mean, how could they screw up something as natural as a lap dance?’
    • ‘You said never date a woman who you've paid cash to for a lap dance.’
    • ‘I don't know if it was just normal nerves or if he was afraid a stripper would chase him down the sidewalk and give him a lap dance right then and there.’
    • ‘We leave the restaurant filled with the type of giddy, satisfied glee you'd see on the face of a 17-year-old who has just received his first lap dance.’
    • ‘She was basically charging $40 for a lap dance and stripping.’
    • ‘Remind me never to bring you cupcakes lest you request a lap dance.’
    • ‘But like you, I've heard this report that a former stripper in Florida is claiming she came up with the idea and pitched it to Stan while giving him a lap dance in a local club about a year ago.’
    • ‘She leaned forward and whispered, ‘Would you like a lap dance?’’
    • ‘After Precious left the stage and came out to make her hellos to all of us, she insisted on giving me a lap dance.’
    • ‘My high school friend, who went by the stripper name of Chloe - though it was spelled wrong on the sign, as Clhoe - gave me a free lap dance, which was one of the least erotic experiences of my life.’


  • lap dancing

      • ‘Pole dancing and even lap dancing is increasingly part of youth culture.’
      • ‘With the effective decriminalization of lap dancing at the end of the '90s, the private dance trade enjoyed a price hike as men shelled out ten or even twenty dollars per song for the privilege of touching and being touched.’
      • ‘Vigorous lobbying, a few rallies and marches downtown, and oodles of local and even international publicity forced partial reversal of last summer's near-total ban on lap dancing.’
      • ‘It annoys me when people say that the next step from lap dancing is prostitution - they just have not got a clue what it is about.’
      • ‘Peeking into the back room where the lap dancing took place, I was shocked.’
      • ‘There seemed to be a fair bit of hostility and lap dancing was something you were just expected to do.’