Definition of lap belt in US English:

lap belt


  • A seat belt worn across the lap.

    • ‘And even if the van only has a lap belt, that will keep you from being ejected from the vehicle.’
    • ‘I was sitting facing left, and as I strapped the lap belt, I fumbled with the shoulder harness.’
    • ‘Remember, lap belts need to be worn low and sung on the hips.’
    • ‘Don't take the chance of him unbuckling a lap belt and trying to climb out himself.’
    • ‘A three passenger rear seat is optional, but the centre position is only fitted with a lap belt.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the lap belt often rides up into the abdomen because children usually sit in a slouched posture.’
    • ‘In addition to standard child lap belts, there is a soft roll bar and crotch strap in the front and a neat clip-strap across the rear, which a child can lean against while standing to keep from falling off the back.’
    • ‘Secondly, the member was only wearing a lap belt.’
    • ‘The highway patrol and other law enforcement officers will never know your lap belt is not hooked up.’
    • ‘They should only wear a two-point lap belt if a three-point seat belt is not available.’
    • ‘The child also can slip under the lap belt, and this can lead to abdominal injuries such as liver laceration or splenic rupture.’
    • ‘Importantly for families, six of the seven of the seats have shoulder belts, with the middle seat in the middle row having a lap belt instead.’
    • ‘Christina buckled her lap belt and prepared to land.’
    • ‘I grabbed one of the nylon loops that hung from the ceiling and buckled it to my lap belt, harness-style.’
    • ‘The lap belt must fit across the hips and not his stomach.’
    • ‘The lap belt was used and the shoulder harness was worn incorrectly behind the back and the shoulder of the member.’
    • ‘If his lap belt broke, I would not be surprised if it was because he was wearing it loose for comfort.’
    • ‘As for fastening the belts, the manufacturers I've spoken with agree that you should attach the five belts loosely, then tighten the lap belts low and as tight as you can stand across your hips, then tighten the shoulder harness.’
    • ‘The lap belt should rest low and snugly across your child's upper thighs, and the shoulder belt should rest across shoulder and chest area.’
    • ‘Wearing a lap belt keeps you anchored to the car seat and your shoulder belt keeps your upper body from pitching forward and hitting the airbag as it deploys.’


lap belt

/ˈlæp ˌbɛlt//ˈlap ˌbelt/