Definition of lank in English:



  • 1(of hair) long, limp, and straight.

    • ‘My hair was lank and dull, I was very thin, brown pigmentation began to spread up my arms and on my cheeks; I was depressingly unattractive.’
    • ‘Her huge dark eyes, lank hair and ripped jeans make her the perfect ‘alternative’ preteen crush.’
    • ‘So I listed ‘one eye smaller than the other, slightly big nose, yellow teeth, lank hair and droopy boobs from the side’.’
    • ‘With their tracksuit tops, lank hair and implausibly fresh faces, they look more like teenage scallies than harbingers of a musical revolution, but their enthusiasm is infectious.’
    • ‘She was plumpish with lank hair and a pasty complexion, not very clean, scruffily dressed - very unappetising, I thought.’
    • ‘His head was covered in a bronze helm, and his long lank hair fell to his shoulders.’
    • ‘And as for Miller, the slight, wiry frame is the same, the lank hair slightly longer, but there still seems enough about his game to make a difference to a club that has been toiling.’
    • ‘Add to this stained teeth, bad breath, red eyes, lank hair, discoloured fingers and erectile dysfunction, and the list grows alarming.’
    • ‘Milton stood at the window, hands clasped behind his back, his shoulder-length hair limp and lank.’
    • ‘We must be endlessly alert to avoid yellowing teeth, body odours, bad breath, baggy eyes, lank hair, grey hair or body hair.’
    • ‘Close up, Penny could see he had mud in his long lank hair.’
    • ‘Thank God for the Venue, where dirty, spotty, black-clad youth still go to shake their lank hair to the Sisters of Mercy.’
    • ‘His hair was lank and black and, for preference, he wore a black top hat.’
    • ‘She had darting, small brown eyes and the light seemed to pass with ease through the large ears protruding through her oily, lank hair…’
    • ‘He has lank hair, with a receding hairline, and nice hands.’
    • ‘She belongs round the back of the bike sheds, her hair is lank, her eyes are usually dull, and she is not expected to be a high-achiever academically.’
    • ‘Ava shook her head briskly, her lank hair flying around her shoulders.’
    • ‘Her usually glossy hair was lank with dirt and dry with malnutrition.’
    • ‘Then she pulled her lank hair into a high pony tail and left her room again.’
    limp, lifeless, lustreless
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) lanky.
      • ‘First of all, his lank, angular appearance combined with his monotone voice and gloomy disposition aren't very soothing and reassuring.’
      • ‘De Peisser, loathe to chase heels, is heaving a pack triply out of proportion to his lank, spindly frame.’
      • ‘Draped across them, their cloaks seemed to hang on bodies thin and lank.’
      • ‘He was thin and dark as the world itself, like a plant stuck in the shadows, growing tall and lank, reaching for the sun that was just a little higher… always a little higher out of reach of the Dark.’
      • ‘The man, now 25 years old, was lank and thin, bound to a bed by the wrists and ankles, his mouth sealed with electrical tape.’
      tall, thin, slender, slim, lean, skinny, spindly, spare, gangling, gangly, scrawny, skeletal, scraggy, emaciated, size-zero, bony, gaunt, raw-boned, gawky, rangy, skin-and-bones, angular, pinched, attenuated
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Old English hlanc thin, not filled out of Germanic origin; related to German lenken to bend, turn also to flinch and link.