Definition of languorously in English:



  • See languor

    • ‘A no-frills bible of basic cooking, but not an idiot's guide, which makes the most of budget-priced food to wolf down rather than linger languorously over the flavours.’
    • ‘Nostalgia hangs languorously in this lost world where footballers embrace opponents after the match and seem pathetically grateful when fans buy them a beer.’
    • ‘She didn't deign to rise as I approached, but she did nod languorously at me.’
    • ‘Just ahead, several yellow-headed vultures formed a mourning party, and as we got closer, they flapped languorously into the air.’
    • ‘Brushing away the crumbs left behind from my feast, stretching languorously as I look about my surroundings, I see doors that lead to places unknown.’