Definition of languet in US English:



  • 1More generally: any tongue-shaped part of an implement. In later use: especially = quillon.

  • 2A tongue-shaped piece or strip.

  • 3A metal plate attached to the foot of an organ flue pipe.

  • 4Zoology. Each of the small tongue-like or tentacular processes forming a row along the dorsal edge of the pharyngeal basket in certain ascidians (sea squirts).


Late Middle English (in an earlier sense). From Anglo-Norman langette and Middle French languete, Middle French, French languette little tongue, tongue-shaped strap serving as an ornament on textiles, tongue of a balance (although this is apparently first attested later than in English: 1530 in Palsgrave; compare however Middle French, French langue tongue of a balance, Middle French languette tongue-shaped indicator on an astronomical instrument), reed in a wind instrument, tenon, narrow, projecting piece of land from lange, langue tongue + -ete, -ette.