Definition of landscape architecture in English:

landscape architecture


  • The art and practice of designing the outdoor environment, especially designing parks or gardens together with buildings and roads.

    • ‘I was fortunate to have studied as an undergraduate in an environment that made clear the possibility of considering both the built environment and landscape architecture within the photographic medium.’
    • ‘Through our historic research, we confirmed that it was visited by two of the great founding fathers and theoreticians of landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted and Andrew Jackson Downing.’
    • ‘The National Awards given by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects in 2000 confirm that landscape architecture in this country has reached an interesting level of maturity.’
    • ‘The series features a group of professionals in architecture, landscape architecture, and design.’
    • ‘Much contemporary architectural discourse concerns the concept of blurring, particularly the notion of blurring distinctions between landscape architecture and architecture, or figure and ground.’
    • ‘The new CALA aims to unify and enrich the previously separate schools of architecture and landscape architecture, while enhancing the larger campus.’
    • ‘Works by recent graduates in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, and urban design are showcased.’
    • ‘The archive contains some sixty thousand photographs on the subjects of architecture, archaeology, art, landscape architecture, and gardens.’
    • ‘With the wonder and fear of animal contact comes an urgency to the current practice of landscape architecture and planning.’
    • ‘The estate, too, has been recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects as a national landmark for outstanding landscape architecture.’
    • ‘In my writing, practice, and teaching of landscape architecture in the UK, US, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia since the 1970s, I have striven for a theoretical base.’
    • ‘He was unusual for having planning as well as architectural qualifications, in addition to a thorough understanding of landscape architecture.’
    • ‘The garden's design and construction were completed in an astonishing ten weeks by a design/build studio of two dozen University of Washington students from the departments of architecture, landscape architecture, and art.’
    • ‘Twelve months on, discussions about the garden and the siting of the complex in the broader landscape of the national capital continue, making it the most talked about piece of landscape architecture in Australia's history.’
    • ‘Future research should seek out responses in similar disciplines such as architecture and landscape architecture.’
    • ‘When the developers come to us, we can apply all of our talents - land planning, architecture, landscape architecture.’
    • ‘Then they choose from a menu of additional services - construction, landscape architecture, and interior design - paying a separate fee for each.’
    • ‘The panels are made up persons with expertise in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design or environmental planning.’
    • ‘It's quickly becoming indispensable for any public library, any design firm, and any school of architecture, landscape architecture, or interior design.’
    • ‘The government's scrutiny of visa applicants has expanded to cover areas of scholarship like landscape architecture and environmental planning that have little to do with issues of security.’


landscape architecture