Definition of ländler in US English:



  • An Austrian folk dance in triple time, a precursor of the waltz.

    • ‘The Scherzo-Allegro vivace danced off the keyboard like a true ländler.’
    • ‘A German-Austrian turning dance in 3/4 or 3/8 times whose origins are not clear, though it bears similarities to the volta, the weller, and the ländler.’
    • ‘Early German folk dances, such as the Drehtanz and the ländler, were active, springing dances full of lively steps and the throwing of the woman partner into the air, but all had the revolving characteristics.’
    • ‘Elsewhere Sanderling displayed a truly Brucknerian spirit, particularly in the lovely ländler in the scherzo and even more so in the polka that winds its irresistible way through the final movement.’
    • ‘The ländler of the second movement was truly rollicking in Tilson Thomas's hands.’


Late 19th century: German, from Landl ‘Upper Austria’.