Definition of landing light in English:

landing light


usually landing lights
  • 1A bright lamp on an aircraft that is switched on before landing.

    • ‘It did not appear to be an airplane or a helicopter, there were no landing lights etc.’
    • ‘Also of note are the large landing lights built into the leading edge of the top wing which were big improvements for operating at night from primitive fields.’
    • ‘The pilot would see the whole airport ‘picture’ while on the downwind, base leg and turning final, where the landing lights would take over.’
    • ‘Editor's Note: Bryan, although your case needs further investigation, it could have been a bright landing light or if it moved faster than a plane it was possibly a UFO.’
    • ‘Everyone dove under cover, and looked out at a set of bright landing lights approaching from the western sky.’
    • ‘I approached four miles at 1,200 feet, dirty, with my landing lights on, still VFR above the clouds.’
    • ‘I noticed an object to my southwest heading northeast that at first, I thought was an aircraft with it's landing lights on.’
    • ‘There is no other feeling in the world like having your retinas scarred by oncoming, misaligned, aircraft landing lights that are wobbling around in the jigsaw-cut holes in a fascia.’
    • ‘Casually wondering why I was looking into what might be an aircraft landing light, I was startled to see it make a 180 degree Que-ball turn, without diminishing its speed.’
    • ‘You know the red landing lights they have on the top of aircraft wings.’
    • ‘Winds sometimes are stronger, snow and ice on the runway can be significant considerations, and falling snow during the approach can render landing lights worse than useless.’
    • ‘Its unique decor features airplane artifacts including landing lights, propellers and first class passenger seats with tray tables.’
    • ‘The Model 1 did not have landing lights and, instead, used parachute flares for this purpose.’
    • ‘Aircraft manufacturer's recommendations for operation of landing lights and electrical systems should be observed.’
    • ‘All planes had their landing lights on and I was in the tail dutifully flashing in all directions my Aldus lamp with an orange screen on it to penetrate the fog.’
    • ‘The flight to Fresno took 1.25 hours and when we got near the airport the photo work was over and everyone was once again in formation for a massed fly-by with landing lights on.’
    • ‘As grieving wives, parents and close relatives of the dead gathered on the runway, the first sign of the vast aircraft bringing the servicemen home was its bright landing lights high in the misty sky.’
    • ‘The light increased intensity and became exceptionally bright like aircraft landing lights, but it was curious because it was moving way too fast and way too high to be a commercial airliner.’
    • ‘We also continued orbiting and illuminating the water with our landing lights as the tugboat arrived.’
    • ‘As a resident of Myrtle Beach, I can state that these lights were the wrong color and were stationary, whereas aircraft landing lights are a brilliant white and slowly move toward the airport.’
    1. 1.1 A light of a kind that is arranged in rows along each side of an aircraft runway.
      • ‘They also act like airstrip landing lights when your customer needs to find his gun in the dark when the burglar alarm goes off.’
      • ‘For the last person into goal we nearly had to turn on the car headlights for landing lights at the airstrip.’
      • ‘The runway was well lit by landing lights and backscatter from the city.’
      • ‘A USAF Combat Controller had rode around the landing area on a light dirt bike and planted landing lights to help guide the force in.’
      • ‘For home defense, compactness is not a big issue and the 12Z model does a good imitation of an airfield landing light.’
      • ‘Lyneham ground crews had worked round the clock to make the runway safe and had installed new landing lights.’
      • ‘She pointed her car up the driveway using the landscape fixtures like landing lights on a runway.’
      • ‘‘Keeping up our conventional military now is like keeping the landing lights on for Amelia Earhart,’ he says.’
      • ‘Few airports had landing lights so there was little night flying.’
      • ‘Even the transparent plastic floor on which she stood sported countless pulsing lights beneath the surface which coiled off in various directions as if they were rows of landing lights on a miniature runway.’
      • ‘The first element of a landing sequence is the spotting of the ship from a mile or more out, using the landing lights as a point of reference.’
      • ‘After securing the sandy airfield, troops set up landing lights so fixedwing aircraft could bring more troops and supplies, he said.’
      • ‘We were guided as we went by millions of fireflies whose flashing marked the banks like landing lights on an airstrip.’
      • ‘First, in the dark of a bedroom or hotel room, the glowing green dots guide my just-awakened eyes to the pistol, like airstrip landing lights guiding a pilot.’