Definition of landing in English:



  • 1An instance of coming or bringing something to land, either from the air or from water.

    ‘we made a perfect landing at the airstrip’
    ‘the landing of men on the moon’
    • ‘Then, with a shove he is off, gliding across 10 metres of slippery plastic, making a messy landing in the soapy water at the end of the run.’
    • ‘The airport handled 246,000 take-offs and landings last year, a number forecast to hit 314,000 in 20 years.’
    • ‘I taxi back for two more take-offs and landings, the last with the left engine at 15-inches and 1500 rpm to simulate an engine failure.’
    • ‘Aircraft landings were limited from May to September.’
    • ‘Within the hour, we were letting down for a landing at Casablanca on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.’
    • ‘Over the next several years, I remember it experienced two wheels-up landings from hard landing practice with students.’
    • ‘Hauling scientists and supplies to the stations gives aircrews a chance to practice icy take-offs and landings and get a feel for being on the ice.’
    • ‘They take short cruises to perfect their take-offs and landings.’
    • ‘There was no good place to land now with the wheels up, nor could I make land and make a safe landing on the ground in downtown Toledo.’
    • ‘This seems to cause fairly consistently reasonable landings and the landing Toll out is still only 500 yards or so, even not using brake.’
    • ‘Fishermen are tired of bouncing about on rough seas and need a break with more settled water and good landings.’
    • ‘And in a combat glider, where there was only one chance to land safely once the pilot committed to a landing, there was no turning back.’
    • ‘My sigh of relief when the pilot executed a perfect landing and brought the vessel to a safe stop was as deep as anyone's I reckon.’
    • ‘Trading speed for altitude, Art got the racer up to about 50 feet and managed to make a safe landing at the airfield.’
    • ‘I started whistling, as I lined the capsule up with an open magnetic bay, and prepared to bring it in for a perfect landing.’
    • ‘I needed to determine if the water was too deep to attempt a safe landing.’
    • ‘There are restrictions on how much crosswind is permitted for an autopilot to make a landing.’
    • ‘So why is it that even pilots with tens of thousands of hours still make less than perfect landings?’
    • ‘Tailwind landings have you flying down final at an excess groundspeed, but at a given angle of descent.’
    • ‘We were an emergency landing strip, and we had emergency landings.’
    alighting, arrival, coming in, deplaning
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    1. 1.1 A place where people and goods can be landed from a boat or ship.
      ‘the ferry landing’
      • ‘They made their way down the pier to the boat landings.’
      • ‘Then, the Kamov will grasp the standing trunk with a hydraulic grapple at the bottom of the long line, break it off and ferry it to the landing.’
      • ‘Access is purely by boat with landing places on the east and west shores.’
      • ‘The cruise to the ferry landing is another 700 metres.’
      • ‘They have thus far been successful in opening several area ski trails, purchasing grooming equipment for the Noquemenon trail, and developed kayak and canoe landings.’
      • ‘It was dark when the aircraft arrived Workmates and first aiders on the ground positioned their vehicles so their headlights formed an ‘X’ to guide the helicopter to the landing place.’
      • ‘Her crew also took part in rapid-roping from her Sea King helicopter to ward off ‘suspicious’ boats threatening the landings.’
      • ‘Heck, we have beaches especially for dogs, even horses and separate beaches where there are boat landings.’
      • ‘This open green space is a popular landing place for small boats and picnickers, and a great spot for children to play.’
      • ‘And some poles were placed at boat landings to greet visitors arriving by canoe.’
      • ‘The ABC bridge instead recalls the decks of ferry landings on the harbour.’
      • ‘Pitcairn was the final landing place for the mutineers from the Bounty who had rebelled against Captain Bligh.’
      • ‘Forgacs carried out millions of dollars in re-configuring the ship, and her sister HMAS Kanimbla by providing three helicopter landing places, a hangar, classrooms, communications centre and enhanced hospital and operating theatre.’
      • ‘We need a landing and a berthing port, until such time as a port in the area can facilitate such vessels.’
      • ‘Members reviewed proposals to renovate the 40 piers and landings that fall within the limits of Victoria Harbour.’
      • ‘The first thing I look at is how high it is to the top of the landing or deck the stairs will be rising to.’
      harbour, berth, dock, jetty, landing stage, landing place, pier, quay, wharf, slipway, marina, anchorage, haven, platform
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  • 2A level area at the top of a staircase or between one flight of stairs and another.

    • ‘Stairs lead from the landing to the attic level, which has two rooms.’
    • ‘Upstairs, the bedroom and bathroom accommodation is located off a spacious landing with ceiling access to an attic storage area.’
    • ‘Stairs lead from the landing to the attic room at the top of the house.’
    • ‘Concrete flooring at the stair landings, stained an earthy gold, and the liberal use of slate and steel, bring the basement out of the 19th century.’
    • ‘I started to re-decorate our landing, stairs and hallway in mid-January.’
    • ‘He stepped across the threshold of the tunnel and onto a landing of a flight stairs.’
    • ‘Stairs lead from the landing to the final room in the house, a circular space which is currently being used as a home office but which could also make a teenager's den.’
    • ‘A wooden staircase leads from the landing to the attic at the top of the house.’
    • ‘He lead up the flight of stairs to a small landing and then proceeded down a large, well-lit corridor decorated with huge tapestries.’
    • ‘Communal areas such as gardens, entrances, staircases and landings are all generously proportioned.’
    • ‘If the gap between railings on a stairway or at the landing is wide enough to crawl through you should rig a device to stop kids from doing so.’
    • ‘She was told the caretakers would provide a basic service including sweeping and mopping where necessary of halls, landings and stairs and cleaning of accessible windows.’
    • ‘If you live in a building with communal areas such as the hall, stairs and landings in a block of flats, make sure everyone knows that you are selling, and gently remind them to collect their post and help keep the front garden tidy.’
    • ‘There were rooms now; doors lined the landing and staircase.’
    • ‘These make interesting corner or centre compositions which can occupy the pride of place in living rooms, lobbies, staircase landings, and so on.’
    • ‘She walked up the stairs from the landing to the main floor.’
    • ‘Stairs rise from the landing to the attic room, which is floored and panelled in wood and features two velux windows and a good amount of eaves storage.’
    • ‘We'd go through the main door of the museum, then we went down the first lot of stairs to a landing and then there was another flight.’
    • ‘The man still continued down another flight of stairs from the landing of the second floor.’
    • ‘The building itself, however, was a solid concrete structure of staircases, landings and corridors with many rooms leading off them.’