Definition of land crab in US English:

land crab


  • A crab that lives in burrows inland and migrates in large numbers to the sea to breed.

    Family Gecarcinidae: Cardisoma and other genera

    • ‘This phenomenon has been particularly thoroughly studied in land crabs, which often occur in habitats containing both seawater and freshwater.’
    • ‘The woods around the fort buildings are a good place to spot several kinds of land crab, and migrant bird species nest in the nearby marsh.’
    • ‘Other predators include: rats, cats, wild pigs, land crabs, sharks, and humans’
    • ‘However, there are also swimming crabs and land crabs, and the range of sizes and configurations is huge.’
    • ‘If you want to see massive iguanas, giant land crabs or the largest red-footed booby colony in the western hemisphere, this is where to come.’


land crab

/ˈlan(d) ˌkrab/