Definition of land bridge in US English:

land bridge


  • A connection between two landmasses, especially a prehistoric one that allowed humans and animals to colonize new territory before being cut off by the sea, as across the Bering Strait and the English Channel.

    • ‘Catastrophic breaching of the hypothetical land bridge allowed salt water from the Mediterranean to pour into the Black Sea.’
    • ‘Between about 8000 BC and 6000 BC rising sea levels severed the land bridge between Britain and the Continent.’
    • ‘The country is a natural land bridge connecting the South American continent with Central America.’
    • ‘We didn't see any other island or the land bridge.’
    • ‘Those civilizations end to the north and south of the isthmus - it is as if the land bridge between continents that is Panama and Costa Rica formed after the big cultures were established.’
    • ‘Since then, it has formed a natural land bridge across these two seas, separating the cold northern plains of Russia from the hot southern deserts of Arabia, and connecting the Middle East with the Far East.’
    • ‘This land bridge allowed primitive mammals to colonize South America from the North.’
    • ‘At about this time, the land bridge joining Britain and the Continent was cut - isolating these early Britons from the rest of Europe.’
    • ‘The second migration originated in Asia and bypassed Siberia before crossing Beringia (as the land bridge Between Asia and Alaska is called in the literature).’
    • ‘These remnant wild Bactrian herds are possibly descendants of the primordial camels, which crossed the land bridge replaced by the Bering Strait sometime in the Pliocene era, about three to four million years ago.’
    • ‘Today's conditions on the Tibetan Plateau match the cold, arid climate of the ancient land bridge's tundra.’
    • ‘Searching for evidence to further develop his theory of continental drift, Wegener came across a paleontological paper suggesting that a land bridge had once connected Africa with Brazil.’
    • ‘It is assumed that they must have journeyed overland, before the seas rose and created islands out of the land bridge.’
    • ‘One of the hypotheses suggested in the past - and which could be confirmed with this discovery - is that Cuba was linked to the Yucatan Peninsula by a land bridge which sank into the Caribbean due to volcanic activity.’
    • ‘Asia's newest high-tech airport reaches out from a man-made land bridge between two islands in the Yellow Sea.’
    • ‘The tribal people who had not crossed the land bridge to Alaska and colonised the Americas had lives perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of the frozen north.’
    • ‘Most anthropologists believe that the first inhabitants of the Americas crossed over from Asia during an ice age about 30,000 years ago across a land bridge connected to Alaska where the Bering Strait is now.’
    • ‘The bovids that currently inhabit North America probably reached the continent by dispersal from northern Asia during the Pleistocene, when they crossed the Bering Strait on a land bridge.’
    • ‘Armadillos evolved and diversified in that continent during the Tertiary, probably entering North America when a land bridge connected the continents in the Pliocene.’
    • ‘But that barrier need not be elevation, or a land bridge that has been flooded.’


land bridge

/ˈlan(d) ˌbrij/