Definition of lamented in US English:



often the late lamented
  • A conventional way of describing someone who has died or something that has been lost or that has ceased to exist.

    ‘the late and much lamented Leonard Bernstein’
    • ‘Readers of the lamented but never forgotten Pillbox may remember a letter Penman received from Brian Anderson of the neo-Conservative City Journal.’
    • ‘The late, lamented Internet bubble is just the latest example.’
    • ‘It's quite mad, and the texts are adapted from unpublished writings Edward sent the band expressly for the purpose, shortly before his lamented death.’
    • ‘The late, lamented Uptown 1 was silent - then a single staccato bark echoed throughout the cinema.’
    • ‘The outer casing's inverted curve is skillfully worked into the afterdecks to round off the ship's hindquarters in a flattering tribute to the lamented cruiser sterns of yesteryear.’
    • ‘The puppet shot to fame on TV's late, lamented satire show Spitting Image, and is being sold off by the show's co-creator, Roger Law.’
    • ‘Clutching the mics are Priest and Sayyid of the late, lamented Antipop Consortium, so you can count on some crazy-assed brainiac rhymes over there.’
    • ‘When someone in the audience asks what she thinks of the late, lamented Johnny Carson, the chat-show host who helped launch her own career before the two fell out, she barely hesitates.’
    • ‘The ground, as with the late and lamented Wembley before it, came from the lush green 4,000 acres lovingly tended by Inturf at Wilberfoss.’
    • ‘Richard Hickox, the new musical director of the company, replacing the lamented Simone Young, doesn't have Melbourne on his radar.’
    • ‘It is this system which has been responsible for the secrecy during the budget process and which itself costs more to administer than the lamented and traditional British committee system.’
    • ‘We have a better suggestion - this cutting-edge piece of kit is the ideal replacement for the late, lamented Bryan McFadden, who recently departed legendary Irish pop combo Westlife.’
    • ‘Sometimes they'd bring in Trent Buhler or Brian Kassian, both of the late, lamented Cowboy Dick.’
    • ‘As recently as 1992 we returned two Conservatives - Peter Thurnham and Tom Sackville, to one Labour politician - the late, lamented David Young.’
    • ‘She sold me one, and the lamented Theodora spent practically all her time on it until the inevitable end, whereupon I gave it to someone with a lot of pets who I thought might need it.’
    • ‘‘I don't think anyone could copy his style,’ Pearce says of the lamented maverick.’
    • ‘Neither Rupert Murdoch nor Kerry Packer (nor his late lamented elder brother Clyde) is immortal; indeed their life expectancies are quite short.’
    • ‘Juanita used her critique to discuss her late lamented career in stand-up comedy.’
    • ‘In such circumstances, some recalled the bluster and bombast of Lenihan's late lamented father in other testing times.’
    • ‘You might remember me from such televisual classics as Funny-Shaped Vegetables, The Dog That Said Sausages and, of course, Get Britain Singing, with the late but not overly lamented Doc Cox.’
    dead, expired, departed, gone, no more, passed on, passed away
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